The Most Beautiful Views In Europe

Published on 03/13/2022

Europe is full of breathtaking landscapes. Of course, there are some landscapes that stand out more than others. and leave you breathless with amazement: the infinitely white winter wonderland in Lapland or the unreal turquoise water of the Blue Lagoon off Malta, the mountain range of the Dolomites and the shifting dunes on the French Atlantic coast. These are 5 of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

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The Most Beautiful Views In Europe

The Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland

The Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in the south of Iceland is about two kilometers long. The gorge, which is a nature reserve, extends to a depth of 100 meters in places and was once formed by the water masses that made their way from the glacier to the coast. The canyon has a magical effect due to the soft moss that grows on the rock. A well-marked and bounded trail leads up the canyon on the east side to several viewing platforms that offer spectacular views below.

Blue Lagoon Of Malta

Who needs The Beach in Thailand when you have the Blue Lagoon in Malta. The Blue Lagoon really is as breathtakingly beautiful as it looks in photos. It is formed by the islands of Comino and Cominotto and lies between the main island of Malta and the neighboring island of Gozo. The water is crystal clear and has a beautiful shade of blue. In the summer there are daily small boats from Malta and Gozo, so if you want to swim all day you should come early to secure the best spot on the very small beach. While you’re here, don’t forget to stroll around Comino and explore the unspoilt island.

Kravica Waterfalls

“Oasis in stone” is the motto on the Kravica Waterfalls website and indeed this is what paradise must be like. The wooded slope is 120 meters wide, where the Trebižat River falls 28 meters and forms a crystal blue lake. The entire area around the waterfalls is under nature protection; so you can only swim in a separate area of the lake and also not climb the slope of the waterfall. The lake and waterfalls are one of the most popular attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also very busy in summer due to the proximity to touristy Croatia – so you don’t have paradise to yourself.

Discover the Lofoten Fjords By Kayak

What could be nicer than exploring the mountains and fjords of Lofoten from the water? On a guided kayak tour, you paddle under expert guidance between sheltered bays and picturesque fishing huts past the mountains and fjords. Providers such as Reine Adventure offer around three-hour introductory courses, while more advanced paddlers can even go on a multi-day kayak tour with Lofoten Aktiv.

Thermal Springs Of Saturnia

You can bathe in the thermal springs of Saturnia all year round! Because the water gushes out of the ground here in summer and winter at a constant 37 degrees Celsius. In fact, it’s even more appealing to bask in the dozens of natural pools during the colder months, when dense clouds of steam envelop the thermal baths. The turquoise, sulphurous thermal water has healing powers that the ancient Romans already knew how to use and which are still used today in numerous therapies. Incidentally, the “cascate del mulino”, the “waterfalls at the mill” pour out in the middle of the landscape and are accessible free of charge.