The Most Beautiful Scenery In Austria

Published on 10/24/2022

Those who respect height will get shaking knees with these tips. Because in Austria there are not only high mountains to conquer, but also lookout towers, viewpoints with glass or grid floors and spectacular suspension bridges. Those who overcome it will be rewarded with breathtaking views at the end.

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The Most Beautiful Scenery In Austria

Dachstein Suspension Bridge & Stairs to Nowhere, Styria

On cloudless days, the view from the Dachstein is truly breathtaking. And those who dare to climb the 1 meter wide and 100 meter long bridge can tell that they were on the highest suspension bridge in Austria. For those who are absolutely free from giddiness, you can then climb the “stairs to nothing”, on which you have the feeling of floating freely in the air.

Baumkronenweg, Upper Austria

In the Innviertler Kopfing you can walk along the longest treetop path in the world. Over a length of more than 1,000 meters and up to 15 meters above the forest floor, the impressive wooden construction extends through the forest tops of the Sauwald and promises unique perspectives in untouched nature. The adventure tower is even 40 meters high and offers an all-round view: from Bavaria over the Danube valley to the main ridge of the Alps.

Viewing platform Glocknerblick, Salzburg

Just before the rock goes down, there is the “Glocknerblick” viewing platform. Here from the Stubnerkogel you have a wonderful view of the Großglockner. But first you have to cross the Felsenweg – a combination of a suspension bridge and metal footbridges. Close to the rock, a path made of gratings leads to the lookout point. And there, too, you can look down through the grating.

5fingers at Krippenstein, Upper Austria

There is no one who is not in awe when standing below the Krippenstein summit on one of the five footbridges of the “5fingers”, which jut out over a 400 meter drop. The view is breathtaking: you can see across the entire Lake Hallstatt region and far into the surrounding area. And if you turn around, the Dachstein Glacier is right in front of you.

Suspension bridge Highline 179, Tyrol

Stepping onto this suspension bridge feels like floating. Sounds good? Then let’s go! Since 2014, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Tibetan style has connected the ruins of Ehrenberg Castle with Fort Claudia in Reutte, Tyrol. It hangs between the two rocks at a height of almost 115 meters and is only 1.2 meters wide.

Pyramidenkogel, Carinthia

At 100 meters, the Pyramidenkogel in Keutschach am Wörthersee is the highest wooden observation tower in the world. Visitors have to climb 441 steps to get to the visitor platform. Or you can comfortably take the lift. Once you have enjoyed the view over Lake Wörthersee and Carinthia, you can go down the slide at high speed. At 120 meters, it is the highest indoor slide in the building.