5 Secret Beach Towns in Spain

Published on 02/15/2021

Spain continues to be one of the top vacation destinations in the world, so it’s getting harder and harder to find this elusive, uncrowded place away from the tourists. However, if you know where to look, there are still many beautiful beach spots hidden away and untouched by the annual flow of visitors. This is where we come in. Below we’ve created a list of the six most beautiful secret beach towns in Spain.

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5 Secret Beach Cities in Spain


This old city, overlooked by the castle, has been a little more popular since the Game of Thrones series. The Spanish people know the beautiful city in general, but the international tourism radar has not been particularly affected. Peniscola is less than a two-hour drive from the city of Valencia and is home to a picturesque old town, breathtaking views over the Mediterranean and numerous sandy beaches to explore.


Galicia in northwestern Spain is full of hidden gems – especially the northern coastline (Rías Altas) with its many wild and uncrowded beaches. The small town and fishing port of Cedeira offer beautiful scenery and many restaurants to feed the people. Playa de la Magdalena is the city’s main beach. At one end there is a small beach bar. It’s very clean, quiet, and safe, and a great option for kids. There are numerous tiny, sandy coves and rugged cliffs nearby for hiking. There is also another large stretch of white sand at Playa de Vilarube, where the river, Rio des Mestas, meets the sea.


Asturias is a beautiful but lesser-known region in northern Spain, and Ribadesella is a small coastal town. This town, flanked by high mountains, lies on the bay of the mouth of the Sella River. The beach has unique and golden sand. The area is known for its caves with prehistoric drawings. There are many secluded beaches to discover on this stretch of coast, including Playa de Gulpiyuri. Technically, it’s a flooded sinkhole. Playa de Gulpiyuri appears to be an inland beach as the tide pulls the seawater through a network of underground tunnels. Ribadesella itself is very picturesque, with colorful buildings rising above the white sand and turquoise sea.


Almuñécar is located in Andalusia, on part of the Spanish coast known as the Costa Tropical. Almuñécar not only offers wonderful beaches and good weather, but it is also only an hour away from the famous city of Granada, which has incredible Moorish architecture. It’s also not far from the spectacular Sierra Nevada. A ledge, the Peñones de San Cristóbal, separates the two beaches of the city, at the back of which there are numerous chiringuitos.


Viveiro in north-west Galicia leaves you a lot of choice when it comes to beaches. There are the beaches at Viveiro Bay, a huge arch of golden sand with a boardwalk at the back, and the smaller beaches at Seiramar and Sacido. Sacido is nice and quiet, with lovely views, but especially shady in the afternoon as it is surrounded by cliffs. In a few minutes by car you can reach the wild beauty of Playa de Abrela, which is like a white sandy beach in the middle of a forest.