5 Hidden Details You Might’ve Missed From The First Episode Of Rick & Morty S6

Published on 09/12/2022

The backstory of Rick and Morty has been fairly secret in previous seasons. Season 6 does not quite follow this pattern. This season kicked off with “Solaricks” in an action-packed episode that covered a wide range of topics, from our Rick’s childhood home to whether or not Jerry truly was switched out for another model while at Jerryboree.

Even the most devoted fan would have had a lot to unpack. Do you have any looming doubts about this season’s opener? We’ve got your back. Think of this as your guide to everything, including deep cuts, old episodes, and casual references to monster movies from the 1980s.

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5 Hidden Details You Might’ve Missed From The First Episode Of Rick & Morty S6


The Wolverine Claws Have Been Mentioned Before

In order to aid Rick (Justin Roiland), Summer (Spencer Grammer), who is evidently brighter than her brother, demands that he pay her in sci-fi-themed accessories. She selects a pair of cute Wolverine claws this time, but what’s noteworthy about this weapon is that it’s been discussed before. In “Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty,” Rick remarks, “Should have taken me up on those Wolverine claws instead, Morty,” following a disappointing dragon experience. That is what it is, right? Summer picking up on her brother’s stupid errors.

Summer Likes Marvel!

In addition to Summer’s Wolverine claws, other items in that same vending machine include Cyclops’ visor, a Cosmic Cube, Magneto’s green helmet, and Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor. That implies that if Summer successfully completes enough quests, she might be endowed with the ability to control thunder, use telekinesis, fire lasers out of her eyes, and contain things so that she can later utilize their power. What the Cosmic Cube will do in the Rick and Morty universe is less certain. It’s safe to say, though, that Summer has finished reading Thor: Love and Thunder and She-Hulk.

Rick Has A Framed Picture Of The Secret Toilet

Although Rick C-137’s home may be shown to us for the first time in this episode, nothing else is noticeably changed. Example and point Rick has a framed artwork close to his front entrance. It appears to be just another lovely extraterrestrial meadow at first glance. But keen-eyed viewers might spot it as the location of Rick’s covert bathroom in “The Old Man and the Seat.”

The Fates Of Cronenberg Summer And Beth

Rick mistakenly resets all interdimensional passengers while attempting to reset his portal fluid, forcing the characters Jerry (Chris Parnell), Rick, and Morty (who we all know and love) to return to their original universes. This necessitates the return of both Rick to the previously unknown C-137 and the Jerry who was switched at the Jerryboree during “Mortynight Run” to a dimension where he is still engaged in combat with Beth (Sarah Chalke). The main query surrounding this comeback, though, relates to Morty.

We are aware that the Morty we know originated in a world ‘Cronenberg-ed’ by Rick & Morty in “Rick Potion #9.” But in “Solaricks,” he only discovers an apocalyptic version of his father when he goes back to his dimension. Morty eventually finds out that he was to blame for his mother and sister’s deaths since they were frozen to death. Even though this situation is shocking, it shouldn’t be. The moment that will result in Beth and Summer’s deaths during the apocalypse was already depicted by Rick and Morty.

In “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” Summer and Morty find the bodies of the first Rick and Morty from that dimension and use the portal pistol from dead Rick to get to Morty’s Cronenberg house. Three Ricks from the Citadel appear and freeze Jerry, Beth, and Summer in the Cronenberg universe just before the Hunger Games version of their own family kills Summer. Therefore, Morty is to blame for his mother and sister’s horrifying deaths from freezing to death. Before their demise, he did refer to them as “backwoods savage morons.” akin to the grandfather and the grandson.

‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘The Boogens’ got shoutouts

This time, Rick and Jerry are to blame for our two deep cut movie references. There are numerous taped messages and what looks to be the naked Rival Rick locked in a tube as Rick C-137 faces the Cronenberg dimension Rick. The voice on the taped message teases, “Just a little Keyser Söze.” That alludes to the movie The Usual Suspects. The first scene of Bryan Singer’s film has Kevin Spacey’s petty conman Kint raving admiringly about crime boss Keyser Söze. But at the end of the film, it becomes clear that Kint was actually Keyser Söze all along. In a similar vein, we discover that Rival Rick was actually the Rick in the tube all along.

Then there is a Jerry of Season 2. When the family finally reconnects at the of “Solaris,” Jerry is furious that Rick has kept another “boogens” in the house. That is an allusion to the monster film The Boogens from 1981, which depicts what happens when a group of enigmatic turtle-like monsters are let loose from a mine and start wreaking havoc.