A Feast From The Middle East: Mouth-Watering Foods You Must Try

Published on 02/10/2021

Middle Eastern cuisine is notorious for its renowned for its magnificent and huge variety of the most delicious foods and flavours. Despite the Middle East has many different religions and cultures, one thing remains the same – its mouth-watering cuisine that is always fresh, wholesome, rich and healthy. From street food classics to simple yet rustic desserts, there’s definitely something for everyone! Keep reading to see some of the most delectable dishes to come out of the Middle East…

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A Feast From The Middle East: Mouth-Watering Foods You Must Try


If you know the Middle East, you know that Shawarma is extremely customary throughout the region. And in more recent years, it has also become very popular in many other countries all around the world. So, for those who don’t know so much about this delicious food, the meat that is part of the dish can either be turkey, beef, lamb, chicken, or veal which is slow-cooked on a large rotating skewer. Once it is ready it is shaved off and stuffed into pita or laffa “bread”, which is technically a giant wrap. It is then generally topped with hummus, tahini, chopped lettuce, pickles, cabbage, and sometimes more- depending on what your taste buds are looking for.


This next delicious dish on our list is called Shakshuka.  It makes the perfect dish for breakfast or brunch, however, people from the Middle East consider this as an anytime meal. This tender and vert filling meal has a base of tomato, pepper sauce along with onions and garlic, it is then also spiced with chilli flakes and cumin. Last but not least, don’t forget the poached eggs on top and a dash of parsley. Generally speaking, Shakshuka is quite spicy, however, if you’re wanting to try this yourself, you can always exclude the peppers. It’s no wonder that Shakshuka has become increasingly popular in many different culinary scenes all around the world.


Falafel is also known as the street food mogul. Falafel is a delicious deep-fried chickpea ball that is generally served in a pita topped with hummus, tahini, chopped lettuce, and fried eggplants, or as a side dish alongside a bowl of hummus. In addition to this meal being so cheap, it is also extremely filling and tasty! You’ll be going back for more sooner than you think!


The exact origin of Hummus is very often debated throughout the Middle East, but no matter what it’s very clear that this region certainly makes the finest and most delicious Hummus on the planet. This chickpea-based dish is an all-time favourite and staple in all households and cultures in the Middle East. The best thing about it is that it can come in so many different forms from plain to creamy avocado hummus and even hummus Shakshuka. The varieties are endless and of course, each and each one is just as exquisite as the next.


To end off this mouth-watering list we have Baklava which is a popular very sweet dessert throughout the Middle East. If you have a major sweet tooth this is a definite must for you! Baklava consists of phyllo dough layered with honey and nuts and has a deliciously soft and flaky texture. A small piece of this appetizing dessert is thebest way to finish off any meal.