The Most Expensive Pizzas In The World

Published on 06/17/2021

Nothing is better than a good hot pizza. While most of us know pizza as a rather cheap dish, some restaurants around the world also offer pizza that sometimes costs up to $500. In this article, we will present you the most expensive pizzas around the world.

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The Most Expensive Pizzas In The World


Gino’s Restaurant – NYC

NYC is known for its famous and delicious $1 pizza. You can get it in every deli and on every street corner. NYC is also the home to the famous restaurant “Gino”s Restaurant”, where they sell one of the most expensive pizzas around the world – the Nino Bellisima. The pizza is created by the famous chef Giovanni Spatala and costs $1000. Yeah you read right. What makes the pizza so expensive? The pizza features two lobster tails, six different types of caviar and is super thin. If you are in NYC and search for an extraordinary pizza, “Gino’s Restaurant” is your right address.

Domenica Crolla- Glasgow

The famous restaurant “Domenica Crolla” in Glasgow, also offers one of the most expensive pizzas on the planet. The pizza is called “Pizza Royal 007” how could it also be different. As the name already says, the pizza was inspired by the famous James Bond 007, his lifestyle and his class. The pizza is topped with the most extraordinary ingredients, such as marinated lobster, 24-carat gold flakes, prosciutto, salmon, venison medallions and not to forget the famous in Don Perignon soaked caviar. If you don’t want to spend so much money on a pizza, you still should check out the restaurant. The “Domenica Crolla” also offers cheaper and delicious pizza alternatives.

Salerno- Italy

There are many expensive pizzas around the world, however there is one pizza that tops all the rest. The most expensive pizza costs around $12000 and can be enjoyed in Salerno, Italy. The pizza is called Louis XIII which is the perfect name for a royal pizza. The pizza is 20 cm big and is solely made out of the finest and most expensive ingredients on earth. The dough is made out of things such as Arabian flour, pink salt, rare types of caviar, Kaspia Beluga, Norwegian lobster, 7 types of delicious cheese, Osceitra classic and much more. The pizza is served with a bottle of Champaign, lobster and caviar. One thing is for sure! You won’t find this pizza anywhere else around the world.

Mazzou Pizza

The next pizza on our list, is for every caviar lover. The pizzeria Mazzou also offers one of the most expensive pizzas on our planet. The pizza features ingredients such as 24 carat gold flakes, caviar and lobster. For the price of $4,250 you not only get the delicious pizza, put also a personal chamber orchestra and a talk with the chef himself. Sounds like a real adventure.

Steveson Pizza, Canada

The restaurant Steveson pizza in Canada is famous for its C6 pizza. The delicious pizza can be bought for $450 and features extravagant and extraordinary ingredients such as Lobster Thermidor, smoked salmon, tiger prawns, Russian caviar and much more. If you find yourself in Richmond, British Columbia, you should definitely.